Course Offerings

Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.

Fall 2023 Courses

Fall 2022 Courses

Summer 2023 Courses

Spring 2023 Courses

  • ANTH-2250: Intro: Medical Anthology
    Professor S. Önder
  • CULP-2260: Performance & Narratives of Pandemic Culture & Politics
    Professor D. Goldman
  • HIST-4104: Global History of the Plague
    Professor T. Newfield
  • MHUM-1103: Literature and Medicine
    Professor D. Marchalik
  • MHUM-1110: War, Death, and Remembrance
    Professor J. Langley
  • MHUM-1130: End of Life Ethics
    Professor M. Pottash
  • MHUM-2202: Methods in Medical Humanities
    Professor D. Marchalik
  • MHUM-2220: Pediatric Ethics
    Professor J. Spike
  • MHUM-2275: Medicine and the Muse
    Professor A. Forna
  • MHUM-3310: Literature of AIDS & Epidemics
    Professor R. Alameddine (Visiting Medical Humanities Scholar in Residence)
  • MHUM-4960: Senior Capstone Seminar
    Professor L. Krishnan
  • PHIL-2001-01: Bioethics
    Professor J. Earl
  • PHIL-2001-02: Bioethics
    Professor L. Bishop
  • PHIL-2001-04: Bioethics
    Professor J. de Lara
  • PSYC-2228: Social Psychology
    Professor W. Parrott
  • SOCI-3709: Sociology of Health/Illness
    Professor A. Newman
  • TPST-2600: Performances & Narratives of the Pandemic
    Professor D. Goldman

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