Student Class Projects

View Senior Capstone Projects (Fall 2023 – Spring 2024)

Senior capstone projects include “From Statistics to Stories: Humanizing Medical Narratives in War-Affected Gaza through U.S. Popular Press Analysis” by Urooj Ahmed (CAS’24) and “The Diseased Landscapes of Early Britain: Infection, Conquest, Migration, and Disability in the First Millennium, CE” by Julie Nguyen (SOH’24).

View Insider/Outsider: The Anatomy of Identity Poster Project (Fall 2023)

The image on the left features projects “Greater Than” and “Weirdo” by Hank Butehorn (CAS’24). Other projects include “Who am I?” by Riley Torbeck and “Trapped in the Normativity Bubble” by Faith Connolly.

View Introduction to Medical Humanities Student Projects (Fall 2023)

The image on the left is part of the project “Understanding the Medicalization of Gender Through A Socio-Cultural Lens” by Bilquisu Abdullah (CAS’25). Other projects include “From Page to Screen: A Representation of Pediatric Cancer in the Cultural Media” by Emily Taylor (CAS’25).

Painting of a man standing in what appears to be a bathroom. Behind him, there is a mirror, showing half his face, and a sink. The man is shirtless, and his heart is visible on top of his skin, as it is connected to a life saving device, connected, likewise, to the wall.

View Introduction to Medical Humanities Student Unessay Projects (Fall 2021)

The image on the left is from a project by Amy Petschek (CAS’23) titled “An Ode to the LVAD Patient.” Other projects include “The Mystery of Bà Nội and the Ginkgo Seeds” by Angelette Pham (CAS’24) and “Dr. Whitehead’s Medical Apothecary Crate from the 1820’s” by Evan Navori (SFS’23).

View Pandemics Student Unessay Projects (Fall 2020)

The image on the left is from a project by Liz Burns titled “Pandemic Conscious Inpatient Psychiatric Ward Proposal.” Other projects include “COVID-19 Visual Culture Archive” by Anna Zdunek and “My “Dr. Eleven” graphic novel” by Doyle Lee