Undergraduate Research FAQ

Point of Contact:

Prof. Tim Newfield Director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship: timothy.newfield@georgetown.edu.

Philosophy of research:

We are interested in thinking across at least two, if not more domains of knowledge/disciplines. We support creative projects, public and engaged projects, and digital humanities in addition to the more typical humanities and social sciences approaches, and qualitative health scholarly research.

How to get started:

Research is baked into the MH minor as students are required to take Research Methods and a Senior Capstone. We encourage you to reach out to our Director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Professor Tim Newfield) to learn more about research opportunities and planning your MH minor.

How to get connected with a faculty mentor:

Students can find mentors through exploring the faculty pages on the Medical Humanities website, through taking MH courses, word of mouth, and reaching out to the Director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Professor Tim Newfield) for specific guidance. Students typically approach professors individually.

Earning credit for undergraduate research:

Through Senior Capstone and Research Methods. We also offer Medical Humanities Tutorial for highly motivated and self-directed students to conduct a semester-length independent mentored research project.

Getting paid for research:

Possible through winning competitive fellowships, including the annual Medical Humanities Research Fellowship (call for proposals opens every fall semester).

Thesis or capstone research:

Students conduct research for their Senior Capstones.