The interdisciplinary minor in Medical Humanities, Culture, and Society requires six total courses: three core courses (MHUM-101: Introduction to Medical Humanities, MHUM-202: Methods in Medical Humanities, and MHUM-401: Senior Capstone Seminar in Medical Humanities) and three electives (view a representative sample in the course offerings section above).

There is no particular order required for you to take your courses, except for the MHUM-401: Senior Capstone Seminar in Medical Humanities, that you should take after MHUM-101: Introduction to Medical Humanities and MHUM-202: Methods in Medical Humanities.

All of the core courses required for the minor are 3-credit courses, but up to 3 credits can be fulfilled by 1-credit elective courses.

Yes! You can email us at medicalhumanities@georgetown.edu to let us know if an elective that appears in the course offerings section is missing the “Medical Humanities” tag so we can make sure the Registrar adds it and you get the credit for the minor.

The minor is open without application to students across the College of Arts and Sciences, SFS, SOH, SON, and MSB. It will also be open (with instructor permission) to graduate and medical student auditors.

Of course! You can email us at medicalhumanities@georgetown.edu with your questions or you can schedule an appointment with the Director Lakshmi Krishnan.

You should be able to undeclare from this or any other minor if not able to satisfy all the requirements, though we encourage you to reach out to us at medicalhumanities@georgetown.edu if you have concerns about the requirements, so we can help you plan the best way to fulfill them.

Yes, the Medical Humanities courses are open with instructor permission to student auditors. Although Georgetown is currently committed to in-person classes, some of the courses may be offered in a virtual or hybrid format. You can find that information through MyAccess, or you can email us at medicalhumanities@georgetown.edu to learn more.

The Medical Humanities Initiative supports medical student Independent Scholarly Projects through our Research Fellowships, which welcome applications from undergraduate, graduate/professional students from the Main and Medical campuses once every academic year (in 2021, the extended application deadline was November 29).

Medical students can also join the Medical Humanities courses as student auditors (with instructor permission), apply to employment opportunities through the Student Employment Office (SEO), and attend the events we sponsor.

Our Research Fellowships support Mentored Individual or Collaborative research projects, which may (though are not restricted to) be mentored by our Core or Affiliate Faculty. Reach out to faculty members to discuss with them opportunities for mentorship or research assistance. Employment opportunities can also be found through the Student Employment Office (SEO).