Daniel Marchalik Writes on How Gratitude Can Help to Reduce Burnout in Hospital Caregivers

Medstar doctor and patient elbow bumping

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In this entry for the MedStar Health Blog, Dr. Daniel Marchalik writes about the prevalence of burnout amongst healthcare professionals, and how the recent public health crisis has further expanded that issue, which is reflected on the fact that nearly two-thirds of physicians in the U.S. say the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified feelings of burnout, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Marchalik describes the work that MedStar Health is doing to provide helpful wellness-focused resources for caregivers, and talks about how patients and loved ones of those who are sick can help reduce caregiver burnout. In his words, “a simple expression of genuine gratitude can uplift hospital caregivers’ spirits and cause them to feel rewarded. In fact, studies demonstrate that showing gratitude can improve burnout among hospital caregivers”. He lists three ways in which patients and their loved ones can express gratitude to healthcare workers: a) Verbal communication, b) Make a philanthropic contribution, and c) Written acknowledgments.

Read the piece in the MedStar Health Blog.