“America Should Prepare for a Double Pandemic”, The Atlantic Explores Emily Mendenhall’s Research

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Cover of a comic book showing a woman laying in bed, looking at the window in anguish. The city is covered by green dots, like viruses. Title: Keep your distance & Prolong existence. Issue #2, April 2020, BBCS. British Board of Common Sense. Caption: A guide to a better, shorter lockdown, including: checking in with friends, relatives and neighbours. Plus bonus: 'Occupy your time, to occupy the mind', 'distancing protocol', 'tips on delaing with it all', & 'appreciating the heroes of the covid-19 age'.
Credit: Bbcs – Covid19-2 by Keith Davey – Altmark Creative. Copyright © 2022 Amplifier

On its coverage of America’s need to prepare for new disease outbreaks, The Atlantic highlights Emily Mendenhall‘s research about syndemics and the influence that every aspect of society has on public health.

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