Georgetown College Writes About the Medical Humanities Initiative’s New Minor

Illustration of two men, identifying some acupuncture points on their bodies, with numerous annotations in Chinese

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Georgetown College shared the announcement of the launch of the interdisciplinary minor in Medical Humanities, Culture, and Society. Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan, director of the Medical Humanities Initiative, explains that the minor “brings together traditional strengths of our institution — health education, research, scholarship and teaching in the humanities and social sciences. (…) The need for the diverse perspectives in the growing medical humanities field has become more apparent than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic”. Nicoletta Pireddu, director of the Georgetown Humanities Initiative and core faculty of the Medical Humanities Initiative, adds that “this minor demonstrates that the rigor of scientific data and the spark of imagination can work together with exciting results”. 

The minor encompasses a variety of interdisciplinary studies, including narrative medicine, history of medicine, science and technology studies, public health, medical anthropology and ethics. Students who study the humanities alongside the sciences develop critical and analytical skills, research expertise, intellectual and cultural community and balance in their academic careers. It is open to students across the College, NHS, and SFS without application.

Read the news on the Georgetown College website.

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