“We Could Hack Our Brains to Become Better, More Moral People”, Dr. James Giordano Discusses Neuromorality in Popular Mechanics

Human head, brain and nervous system with a black background showing information networks

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On its coverage of neuromorality, the attempt to achieve moral enhancement through neuromodularity, Popular Mechanics talks with Dr. James Giordano about the effects of such modulations in the real world. We can modify certain traits and tendencies to fit a socio-cultural set of standards that are regarded as “right” or “good.” But because morality is a social construct, we are treading on thin ice, Giordano says. “What is morally ‘good’ may [for some,] be another’s reality of what is seen as harmful, disruptive, and ‘bad’. There is no ‘moral circuit’ or ‘moral nucleus’ that can be turned on or off,” he explains.

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