The Bookseller Talks about Rift, Aminatta Forna’s New Book Project

Night in mt. Liushishi East Rift Valley
Night in mt. Liushishi | East Rift Valley by KentFan. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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According to The Bookseller, William Collins made a “substantial deal” to publish Aminatta Forna‘s new book project, Rift, slated for publication in 2024. According to publishing director Arabella Pike, “Rift is a vastly ambitious, original work of nonfiction—an Arctic Dreams of Africa. We are so proud to be publishing and cannot wait for this seminal book to be out in the world.” Forna added: “This project is borne of a passion for the African continent and its overlooked histories. I’m delighted to be back at William Collins who published my first book and I’m excited to be working with Arabella Pike. This is my dream team.”

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