The Hoya Covers the “Health Inequities in Time of Covid” Course, as Part of the New Course Offerings Focused on Racial Injustice

Mural with faces of black people, some with face masks
Credit: James Cage on Flick

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The Hoya presents the Fall 2020 new first-year courses focused on racial injustice, including the Medical Humanities “Health Inequities in Time of Covid” course, taught by Theodora Danylevich and Carol Day. This course addresses the longstanding racial inequalities that were brought to the forefront of public discourse during the pandemic, investigating the systemic reasons behind COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on communities of color in the United States. Danylevich and Day told The Hoya that the “course will take a focused look at the current situation as a product of long histories of inequity and injustice, (…) [providing students with] opportunities to reflect and process both their direct experiences with the trauma and crisis of the current moment, as well as the process of learning about difficult histories and topics”. This is one of 19 courses that are part of the “Just Communities” curriculum, a program designed to engage with issues of racial justice and systemic oppression in the United States.

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