The Hoya Covers the Development of the Medical Humanities Major

Ayurvedic Man. Four young people look at a poster that exhibits an 18th-century Nepali illustrated anatomical painting, which provides a visual interpretation of the organs and vessels of the male body according to classical Ayurveda.

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On its coverage of the courses launching in the Spring 2020 semester, The Hoya introduces the future Medical Humanities major, expected to possibly launch in coming years. The article mentions the “Living and Dying,” “Medical Non-Fiction and Journalism” and “Medicine and Mystery” courses as a preview the upcoming major, which aims to place medical studies within a historical literature and cultural context. The article also features Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan and Dr. Daniel Marchalik, who explain their vision for the Medical Humanities at Georgetown University. According to Dr. Krishnan, “Medical humanities is the growing interdisciplinary field which puts medicine back into its social, historical, and cultural context. (…) It encompasses the humanities and social sciences, and argues that the methods of the humanities and social sciences should be used to understand, critique, and enhance medical practice”. “These courses are designed to have both medical students and college students in the same room, taking the same course work”, says Dr. Marchalik.

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