“Academia is More Broken than Ever. To Fix it, We Need More and Stronger Unions”, Maggie Levantovskaya Writes about Unionization Bringing Laura Hartmann-Villalta’s Insights

University staff on strike. Their signs say
IMG-9751 (Uni of Otago Support Staff Rally 23 Aug 2017) / Credit: New Zealand Tertiary Education Union on Flickr

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In her writing about unionization as a solution to academic precarity on Medium, Maggie Levantovskaya brings insights by different scholars who have experienced such precarity, including Laura Hartmann-Villalta. Amongst the advantages of unionizing, Levantovskaya mentions how they improve working conditions through collective bargaining agreements. These consistently raise wages, increase benefits, ensure greater job security, specify work expectations and conditions, and create a grievance process. The Georgetown grad union is one of the examples she mentions that won gains for workers.

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