“We Are All Living with Serious Illness Now”, Dr. Michael Pottash and Dr. Anita Hannig’s Reflections on Living with Serious Illness in the Pandemic

Illustration based on The Creation of Man, showing two hands wearing surgical gloves almost touching
Illustration by Michael Lane @differentcreatures

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Dr. Michael Pottash and Dr. Anita Hannig provide some insights, from working with patients living with serious illness, to think about what it means to face a global health crisis. “We know that living with serious illness often means coming to terms with difficult information. It means dealing with uncertainty about the future, making it hard to plan ahead. And it means constantly balancing feelings of hope and despair, even vacillating between the two in a single moment.” That way, they seek to answer the question of how can the experiences of those who navigate serious illness every day help us make sense of these unprecedented times?

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