Migrating Minds: Theories and Practices of Cultural Cosmopolitanism

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Migrating minds cover

This book, edited by Nicoletta Pireddu, Didier Coste, and Christina Kkona, presents 20 innovative essays by humanities scholars from all over the world that re-examine theories and practices of cosmopolitanism from a variety of perspectives. Alongside her co-editors, Nicoletta Pireddu contributes to the introduction, “Where Are They All Going? Ways of the Cosmopolitan Mind”, and is the author of Chapter 16, “Euroglottogonia, or Exercises in Continental Cosmopolitanism”.

In the introductory essay, Pireddu, Didier and Kkona discuss the resurgence of the cosmopolitan idea and ideal, delving into the contexts and limits of the debate and offering a critical examination of the historical and present lexicon of cosmopolitanism. As it highlights the discontents with major discourses on cultural cosmopolitanism, it delineates the new directions that cosmopolitan thinking and the cosmopolitan subject as an object of study can develop.

In “Euroglottogonia, or Exercises in Continental Cosmopolitanism”, Pireddu engages with the alleged irreconcilability of political and ethico-cultural cosmopolitanism, showing how a redefinition of Europeanness beyond the mutual exclusivity of nationness and supranational belonging can suggest ways of harmonizing these two versions of cosmopolitanism.

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