“Professional Attitudes toward the Use of Neuromodulatory Technologies in Mexico: Insight for Neuroethical Considerations of Cultural Diversity”

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Although the use of “the most current tools” to affect thought and behavior has been abundant through much of human history, the rapid pace of development, and increasing clinical and social demand for neuromodulatory technologies—for assessing and affecting brain structure and functions—give rise to ethical, legal and social issues, question, problems, and caveats that need to be addressed. In this publication, James Giordano, Karen Herrera-Ferrá and Humberto Nicolini present their research on mental health clinicians’ and researchers’ perceptions and concerns regarding the use of neuromodulatory techniques in Mexico, as compared to those reported in the international literature, and examine if there are also specific local neuroethical, legal, socio-cultural issues relevant to such distinctions or similarities.

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