“Pregnant Women & Vaccines Against Emerging Epidemic Threats: Ethics Guidance for Preparedness, Research, and Response”

Diagram. On top: two text boxes: Vision. We envision a world in which. On the bottom, three circles with the following text: First: Pregnant women are not unjustifiably excluded from participating in vaccine studies. Second: Pregnant women and their offspring benefit from advances in vaccine technologies and are not left behind as new vaccine products are developed. Third: Pregnant women have access to safe and effective vaccines to protect them and their offspring against emerging and re-emerging pathogenic threats

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In this publication, co-authored by Maggie Little, the researchers take a look at the way in which pregnant women and their offspring have been historically excluded from research agendas and investment strategies for vaccines against epidemic threats. This has severely affected the health interests of pregnant women and their offspring. This publication offers 22 concrete recommendations to ensure that the needs of pregnant women and their offspring are fairly addressed, new approaches to public health preparedness, vaccine research and development, and vaccine delivery are required.

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