“Vaccination Disagreement Between Parents”

Child getting vaccinated with his mom on his side.
Back-to-school time calls for vaccinations. Credit: Judy Schmidt, CDC. / Flickr.

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In this publication, Dr. James Giordano addresses the ethical dilemma faced by physicians when, for the decision of vaccinating children, find parents with opposite wishes. Dr. Giordano considers the legal framework, in the requirements of consent of different states (from “mature minors” or one of the parents), as well as the federal authorization of the vaccines. He also takes into account aspects of clinical care, like health education and promotion, which requires effective, respectful, and tactful discussion of information. He concludes that, “from ethical and legal perspectives, individual issues such as the physician’s tolerance for conflict, concern for the family’s harmony, and the relationship with patients may be grounds for differing, and somewhat more nuanced, courses of action. Thus, there are times when these decisions must be made on a case-by-case basis”.

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