An Interdisciplinary Approach to Life’s Big Questions

Panelists of the An Interdisciplinary Approach to Life's Big Questions event: Daniel Kahneman, Ruth Ozeki, Brianne Bilsky, Oleg Svet, Alan Lightman, and Nicoletta Pireddu

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In this event, hosted by the Georgetown Humanities Initiative, an interdisciplinary panel of world-renowned experts addressed the issue of uncertainty in human existence. In Nicoletta Pireddu‘s words, “The biggest issues that society faces today, from COVID and climate change to wars and migration, are stark reminders of the uncertainty that shapes our condition. We move in uncharted territories. How do we deal with the unknown, the unpredictable, the undecidable?”. Thus, the event “aimed at offering a comprehensive, humanistic framework to address this deeply human question at the intersection of science and imagination, of the quantifiable and the creative,” Pireddu says.

This conversation was held online on February 22, 2022. It featured Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D.; Ruth Ozeki; Brianne Bilsky, Ph.D.; Alan Lightman; Ph.D. and Nicoletta Pireddu, Ph.D., and was moderated by Oleg Svet, Ph.D.

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