Using the Power of Narratives to Address Bias in Healthcare

Collage showing book covers, movie posters, film stills and photographs of different artists. Some the works of art included in the collage are author James Baldwin, the films Boys Don't Cry, Get Out, Moonlight, Black Panther, Schindler's List, and Philadephia, and the books Black Man in a White Coat, Blow Your House Down, You Play the Girl and There Are No Children Here

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The MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety hosted “Using the Power of Narratives to Address Bias in Healthcare”. The event featured a panel of MedStar Health physicians, researchers, and medical humanities leaders, including Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan.

COVID-19 proved to be an unrelenting spotlight on the biases that exist within healthcare systems. This discussion looked at the history of bias in healthcare and how bias contributes to poor health outcomes. It also explored how stories can instill empathy that inspires behavior change and allow for an open-minded look at bias.

Watch the recording: