The Georgetown Voice Talks with Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan about Racial Disparities in Healthcare and Science

Black Lives Matter protest. Multitude of people gathered (all ages, races and genders), a sign says

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On its coverage of “Such a Time As This”, the Racial Justice and the University Series, The Georgetown Voice presents the five events held during October 2020 that brought together faculty members working in related fields to explore dimensions of racial structures in the United States, as well as the connections of their research to global questions of racial justice.

In regards to racial disparities in healthcare and science, Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan told The Georgetown Voice that “pandemics reveal all of these inequalities and fractures in such profound ways,” referring both to the current pandemic and historical outbreaks such as the 1890 and 1918 influenzas. “The groups most affected by it and often ignored in medical offices tended to be the marginalized of that time,” she said. And the same holds true today.

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