“Such a Time As This”: Racial Justice and the University Series: Racial Justice, Science, and Health

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Black Lives Matter protest. Multitude of people gathered (all ages, races and genders), a sign says " No Justice, No Peace"

This series of conversations explored how Georgetown faculty’s research advances racial justice. The sessions considered how racial justice produces certain responsibilities for researchers. They also examined how the pursuit of justice informs the impact of the speakers’ work. Beyond focusing on individual work, they also explored how the mission of Georgetown University informs and supports this work. The conversation around “Racial justice, Science and Health”, which featured Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan, centered around racial disparities in healthcare and science.

The pandemic has resurfaced racial disparities in healthcare and science, reflected in the virus’ outsized impact on communities of color. Combining medical history and practice, law and environmental justice, the panel explored the deep historical roots of these outcomes.

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