Dr. Christopher King Talks about How He Will Lead the New School of Health

Dr. Cristopher King

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In light of Georgetown President John J. DeGioia‘s announcement of the appointment of Dr. Christopher King as dean of the new Georgetown University School of Health, the new school writes about how Dr. King’s trajectory and the vision he will bring in his role as inaugural dean.

According to the piece, Dr. King “believes much of what future health professionals need to know actually lies in the community”, and it is necessary to explore “unconventional approaches that bridge the gap between medical care and community”.

The new school will have a heavy interdisciplinary focus, bringing the departments of health systems administration, human science, and international health together under one banner. In that regard, Dr. King says that “having that mindset as we launch this school, and recognizing there are so many intersections that shape our health and well-being, we will foster a culture that enables students and faculty to think creatively around how to tackle issues that seem to be intractable.”

Read the piece in the new Georgetown University School of Health website.